Ultimative Luxus Wellensittich Wellensittichfutter Samen & Nussmischung Vogelfutter, 1 kg Beutel, Seedz Budgerigar Budgie Food


SeedzBox is focused on seriously high quality bird seed mixes and garden seeds. There is a lot of bad quality products out there and you get what you pay for. We only source the finest bird seed mixes. The Ultimate Deluxe Budgie Food includes: White Millet – High in Protein & Fibre, Oat Groats – High in Carbohydrate & Potassium, Canary Seed – High in Antioxidants & Protein, Niger Seed – High Oil Content, Carbohydrates & Fibre, Red Millet – High in Protein & Carbohydrate, Safflower – High in Fat & Oelic Acid, Soya Bean Oil – Source of Healthy Fats. 5% of all sales are donated to the 1TreePlanted Organisation, which planting trees on reforestation projects all over the world. For feeding to pets, wild birds/farmed fur animals only. Not for human consumption 06/333/8002/ABP/HAN. Contains Nuts. Keep packaging away from children to avoid suffocation. Store in a cool dry place. Best used within 6 months of opening. Packed in the United Kingdom for SeedzBox.

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